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G20 expected to lead the growth in global trade

Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Wen said on Tuesday that the current international financial crisis, deep impact continues, the international community expects the G20 to play a leadership for the world economic recovery and growth energize. The main task of G20 cooperation is long-term response to the shift from crisis management, the important role of trade and investment issues become increasingly prominent.
We focused on enhancing global trade growth, to create a good investment environment, the implementation of the United Nations sustainable development agenda and other issues in 2030, Wang Wen day by the G20 News to answer reporters' questions.
Programmatic guidance document is expected to approve G20 trade cooperation
The current downturn in global trade growth, global trade growth since 2012 has been lower than world economic growth for four consecutive years. Meanwhile, trade protectionism is increasing, since October 2008, WTO members launched a total of approximately 2800 trade restrictive measures, of which 75% of the measures is still implemented.
"G20 should take effective measures to solve the problem of growing barriers to trade, and tap new ways and new impetus to the growth of trade." By Wang Wen said.
In July, in Shanghai China successfully hosted the first G20 trade ministers meeting mechanism of post-release history's first parts of G20 trade ministers meeting statement, made on various issues led to breakthroughs, Hangzhou summit to achieve positive practical results in economic and trade fields and lay a solid basis.
Among them, the Trade Council of Ministers on the Chinese side of the "G20 global trade growth strategy" to reach a consensus, established to reduce trade costs and promote trade in services, trade finance and other seven enhancing cooperation pillar, and propose targeted policy principles and operational initiatives.
Hangzhou, the summit is expected to approve the "G20 global trade growth strategy", will be the programmatic guidance document G20 trade cooperation, have a profound impact on the future cooperation of all parties. "This achievement reflects the parties in the spirit of solidarity and firm determination to promote the recovery in global trade terms." By Wang Wen said.
Multilateral investment programmatic document on policy development will be submitted to the summit for approval
There are currently more than 3300 international investment agreements, there is a policy fragmentation, complicated rules and other issues, investors are deeply complicated and inconvenient. The business community has been calling for, G20 members should do something on this issue, create a favorable investment environment.
"But this is not an easy thing, after many agencies and countries have tried, but without success. The main reason lies in the different countries, different positions on this, it is difficult to find a meeting point." By Wang Wen he said.
He said, G20 members as a major global investment sending and receiving countries, investment agreements signed by the total number of international investment agreements more than 40% in the investment policy to strengthen coordination responsibility. Therefore, China will invest this year for the first time included in the G20 agenda for policy coordination, it proposed the development of "G20 global investment guidelines."
By Wang Wen said that under the joint efforts of all parties, "G20 Global Investment Guidelines" after 10 draft discussion, bringing together hundreds of recommendations reflected the views of the parties, and ultimately to find a convergence of interests, and G20 trade ministers held in July members agreed to give each session.
He said, aims to create a favorable investment environment, "G20 Global Investment Guidelines" will be presented to G20 summit in Hangzhou approval, is expected to become the first global multilateral investment programmatic document on policy development.
Foreign Investment filing system will further enhance the level of investment facilitation
3, the NPC Standing Committee adopted a decision on Modifying the "People's Republic of China Foreign Law" and other four laws in the country prior to the implementation of national treatment of foreign investment access plus negative inventory management.
"This is the Chinese to enhance the investment environment, investment promotion and facilitation of a specific performance." Wang by Wen said that the revision of four laws, increased by a provision for does not involve state regulations to implement access special management measures, the relevant approval matters to record management; access special management measures prescribed by the State promulgated or approved for publication by the State Council. It will resolve the FTA test area legal authorization expires issues, but also solve the problem of applicable law in the nationwide implementation of foreign investment negative list management model faces.
Wang by Wen said changes since the reform and opening up running 30 years of foreign investment "by-case approval" management model is a major change in Chinese foreign investment management system, will be invested by foreign investors in China to create a more equitable, stable and transparent legal environment effectively enhance the level of investment facilitation.
G20 parties will focus on the sustainable development of collective action in 15 major areas
2015 United Nations Development Summit in 2030 adopted the sustainable development agenda, to make a comprehensive plan for the next 15 years global partnership for development.

By Wang Wen said that as the largest developing country, China believes that the G20 should pay more attention to development issues, to increase investment in development issues. To this end, China will this year development issues at the heart of Hangzhou summit agenda, focus on promoting the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030 to develop an action plan, to provide strong support.
"After six months of efforts, the parties have been on the G20" G20 promote the realization of the sustainable development agenda 2030 action plan "to reach a consensus about the future of the G20 principles on the implementation of 2030 sustainable development agenda for cooperation." Wang said that the text, each Party also decided to focus on infrastructure, human resource development, food security, energy, trade and investment, climate change, innovation and sustainable development objectives close 15 major areas of collective action.